Loose Parts Kit

Loose Parts Kit


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Our loose parts kits inspire your children to connect to nature.

They are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Simple and minimal, they allow a child’s authentic play style to unfold. These interesting and diverse objects offer freedom and play adapts each time the materials are used.

At each age the materials will be used differently. They have no specific set of directions and are incredibly versatile. They are flexible to be used alone or combined with other materials. While using them, children strengthen their fine motor skills, along with hand-eye coordination, while grasping, pinching and stacking the various sized objects. They develop mathematical thinking while your child uses the materials for sorting, patterning, counting, measuring and exploring shapes.

Engineering skills grow while the objects are being combined or taken apart, stacked or threaded. With no defined purpose, they empower your child’s creativity.

Discovery and imagination are able to run free with the endless opportunities that loose parts offer.


Dimensions = 9" x 7" x 1.75". Not suitable for children under three years of age. Adult supervision required.