#Sustainable Play

Sustainable Outdoor Play

Everything Seed offers is eco designed with a special consideration for how it effects the environment. We have a low impact mindset, placing an emphasis on respecting and caring for our beautiful earth. We do this by offering minimalistic, sustainable toys and materials.

Our commitment is to prioritize sustainable materials wherever possible. Our paper products are made with over 85% recycled materials and are locally manufactured using no waxes, dyes or coatings. We believe our entrepreneurial responsibility includes a respectful interaction with the environment and everyone living in it. Our open-ended toys grow with your child reducing our footprint and encouraging you to be a conscious consumer.

As a Native American proverb says, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” We are an earth conscious company full of hope for the next generation.

Seed is committed to giving children non toxic, minimal waste toys using alternative materials such as paper, wood, silk and cotton. Real materials have texture and life. Our dream is to protect and preserve our earth through sustainable play. We consciously shy away from quickly consumed, quickly replaced plastic and other petroleum based materials,

Seed is building for the future by caring for the past.  Let our toys be a part of your low impact lifestyle. Reconnect with nature and rediscover play.

It will benefit not only you but the beautiful planet we call home. After all, there is #noplanetb.

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