Shrinky Dink Bracelet

Spring! The long a waited warmer weather has arrived and summer is just around the corner. Why not celebrate by making yourself (or someone you love) some beautiful jewelry?

Colour, bake and wear this super cool shrinkable plastic necklace charm. Our testers loved it!


In this kit you should have:

  1. 2 Shrinky Dink pre-cut discs
  2. 1 metal clasp
  3. some pencil crayons (you can use more from home if you have)
  4. a bracelet band


1. Colour the rough, chalky feeling side of the pre-cut plastic shrinky dink discs.

2. Bake for 4-5 mins at 350 in your toaster or full-sized over on a flat tray. Watch as the discs magically shrink! Edges curl and lay flat when the charm has finished baking.

3. Let cool. Clip on to charm; thread clasp onto bracelet! Now get outside and show that beautiful creation off!

Post your completed work @thedoodlepost!

Happy creating.