Seedling Playhouse Instructions

Following are your paper less Seedling Playhouse instructions!

  • Each kit includes:
  • Large back walls and floor piece
  • Centre support piece
  • Middle shelf piece
  • Roof

Step 1. 

Remove all of the pre-cut rectangle pieces from the windows, transoms and slots. These can be saved to make furniture for your house!

Step 2.

Bend the floor and walls so that the house can stand on its own - but don't yet put the tabs into the slot openings.

Step 3.

Carefully but firmly insert the "foot of the Centre Support Piece" into the slot in the floor of the playhouse. You will have to firmly turn this piece so that it ends up running vertically as the main divider for the house.

Step 4.

Slide in the Centre Shelf.

Step 5:

Affix the roof bending it along the pre-scored line so that in will nicely pop into the taps along the roofline. Bend sides so that these top tabs also feed into roof slots.

Play! Your Seedling playhouse is 100% Canadian made from recycled material. You can decorate, paint or paper it to make it your style. Please post pictures and tag us @seedimagination.

Also, we love reviews! Review our playhouse online. We really appreciate your support.