Playhouse Assembly Instructions

Seed Playhouse


There are 3 pieces in your Playhouse kit:

  • 3 panel hinged piece (front, side and back of the house).
  • Single panel side piece with arrow tabs.
  • The roof.


  1. Begin by popping out all of the pre-cut slots in the house and 3 panel hinged pice.
  2. Set up the three panel piece. The door should open left to right as shown in the photo above. If yours is opening the other way, the panels are inside out. (Flip them around if so).
  3. Pre-fold the sides/points of the arrow tabs on your single panel. 
  4. Insert these tabs into the edge fold of the 3 panel hinged piece.
  5. Add the roof by aligning the house tabs with the roof slots and pressing into place.