Our Values

Sustainable Sources

Our commitment is to prioritize sustainable materials wherever possible. Our paper products are made with over 85% recycled materials and are locally manufactured using no waxes, dyes or coatings. We believe our entrepreneurial responsibility includes a respectful interaction with the environment and everyone living in it.

Sustainable Design

For us, sustainable design means a design that is untouched by fads or trends - that through its reduction to the essentials, leaves room for the development of one's own creativity and imagination. Our products are designed to promote open-ended play that fosters creativity, learning and fun.

Sustainable Packaging

We're committed to resource-saving and recyclable packaging for the shipment of all of our products. We do not use petroleum-based packing products but instead mandate all materials be not only responsibly sourced - but 100% recyclable upon discard.

We use local suppliers to significantly lessen our carbon footprint in shipping and freight.