Flower Press Instructions

Half of the fun of flower pressing is the hunting and gathering for floral materials. Try to pick a wide variety of shapes and sizes - remembering that finer flowers and foliage press better than thick buds.

  1. Remove the top cover of the flower press and all but one of the cardboard/paper sheets - leaving the back cover, one cardboard layer with bolts still inserted.
  2. Layer one piece of thinner paper, one flower or foliage, followed by another sheet of paper. Cover with cardboard layer. Your stack should be cardboard, paper, foliage, paper, cardboard.
  3. Repeat this with a second stack of foliage and sheets.
  4. Carefully place top cover on the press. 
  5. Affix washers and wing nuts. Tighten the wing nuts so the press is quite tight. Press down with your hand in the centre of the cover as you tighten if this helps.
  6. Let dry for 10 days.

Carefully remove the dried flowers and foliage for use in cardmaking, art or documenting in your own flower journal.