Up-Cycled Magazine Beads

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Magazine Bead Necklace

There is a plethora of "recycled" crafts out there but I have to say... most are just trash glued together. By contrast, these tasteful beads are fun and easy to make and they're actually something you might wear - or share.


You will need:

- Magazines
- Glue or Glue stick 
- Scissors
- Fine tip pen
- Ruler
- Other beads (optional)
-String or beading wire

Step 1

Trace 1" wide by 4" long triangles. If geometry is not your favourite, use this template here.

Step 2

Cut a variety of triangles. The best selections are triangles that start as one colour and change to another at the tip. This provides great contrast as you roll of the "bead".

Step 3

Add a thin layer of glue (one pass with a glue stick is ideal).

 Step 4

Carefully roll the triangle up from base > towards the tip.

Paint a layer of white glue over the finished bead to "seal it" in it's rolled shape.

Step 5

Dry the beads overnight. String on beading wire with other beads if desired. 

Tag your finished project pics with #thedoodlepost. If we feature your image, you could win a prize like a free craft subscription.

Magazine Bead Necklace

Magazine Beads

Happy creating! 





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