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There is something so peaceful about being in a open field, where it is so quiet; you can listen to birds twitter and even hear the wind whispering past.  In our home, we prioritize carving out time to experience these moments of peace, and foraging for flowers, is one of our favourite ways we do this.

I have always loved venturing out into the wild and collecting nature’s little treasures.

This four leaf clover was one I had picked for my mother as a young child; she pressed and saved it for over 20 years, giving it back to me on my first day teaching as a Montessori Guide. I couldn’t believe she had saved it for all those years, a simple gift from a child, yet she had cherished it. Now, it is a sweet reminder for me to slow down and appreciate the beautiful little moments. I think it is important to display pieces of art that have sentiment and encourage you to live life with intention.  Pressing and framing flowers, especially ones gathered on a sweet outing, is a way to capture the moment, while adding beauty to your home and capturing the magic.

Today my mother went flower picking with my son, and when he came running towards me with a delicate flower clutched in his tiny hand, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

If you’re a flower picking fanatic like me, tag our Instagram @seedimagination in your foraging photos so we can share the experience with you.

If you want to start saving the beautiful treasures you and your child are collecting, go grab our Canadian cut birch wood flower press today.

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