30 Ways to Use Play Silks

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We are excited to announce that Seed is carrying Sarah’s Silks.

We have thoughtfully chosen these play silks as they are made with non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly dyes, with no heavy metals. Silk is a natural fiber and renewable resource. It is a strong, fine, lustrous fabric and, when taken care of, it will last. Keeping the health of the planet in mind, we believe it is important to provide toys and materials that are durable and stand the test of time. We also strive to provide toys that return effortlessly to the Earth at the end of their life span. Sarah’s Silks are recognized as a “Green America Approved Business” for efforts to create sustainable toys. Sarah’s charming silks check all those boxes for us. 

Play silks are versatile, open ended and grow with your child year after year. They encourage imaginary play, spark creativity and nourish the senses. You can’t compare the smell or the feeling of a synthetic play scarf to Sarah’s silks. The way they hold colour and shimmer is pure magic.

Developing inner creativity at a young age leads to higher levels of creative thinking in adulthood, so here are 30 ways you can start playing with your silk today.

Use your play silk to:

  1. build a fort
  2. dance - a silk is a beautiful extension of the arm
  3. make a pouch and collect treasures on a nature hunt
  4. make bubbles with the fabric in the water
  5. make a parachute
  6. fasten a sling for a broken arm while playing hospital
  7. set up a puppet show curtain
  8. set up a puppet show back drop
  9. make a flag


  1. practice braiding combining three silks 
  2. fasten a baby carrier for a doll
  3. wrap a gift
  4. tie a doll hammock
  5. make a cape
  6. make curtains for some window shade
  7. make a fairy skirt
  8. make horse reins 
  9. play peekaboo 

  1. tie a belt 
  2. make a sword holder
  3. act as a kite to catch the wind
  4. make a pirate head scarf
  5. make a dog leash for toy animals 
  6. make genie pants by tying silks together 
  7. become water for a toy boat
  8. become grass for toy animals
  9. become volcano lava 
  10. be a table cloth
  11. be a rainbow
  12. make a wedding veil

Silks can truly be reimagined in a hundred ways. Give your child the freedom to explore with silks on their own, let their imagination run wild and watch what happens! Tag us on Instagram and tell us how you are using your play silk. @seedimagination

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